Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the playground

It's when you feel alone and that nobody cares if you exist.

The sweet voices of the children I can hear, It was like an enormous swarm of bees heard and seen covering the entire place. The golden brown leaves falling from the trees, guided by the warm colors of the sun's spectrum somehow reminded me of how splendid my life was.

I sat beneath the grandiose oak tree where I once carved my dreams and happiness. The tree that witnessed every blissful moment I had, the sturdy monument that served as the library for my whole history now stands behind me singing songs I used to sing.

As I sit there I couldn't help but stare and watch those four foot tall angels giggling and running ,having fun to their heart's content. They were cracking and throwing jokes at each other, laughing like there's no tomorrow. I too have silly jokes and magical stories to tell, but how would I enjoy them when there's no one who'd sit and listen to me. I just sat there with a stick drawing faces on the dirt.

The innocent youngsters had roleplaying games. There were kings, queens, princes, princesses and warriors. The climbed the monkey bars and made a fortress, rode the seasaw and had unicorns. Me? I remained hushed in my seat kicking the leaves that piled up. I wasn't invited to their magical game but I can sure tell it's fun! Did you know that I have fascinating games too? Oh well, what would I do with these games when there's no one to play them with.

I stood up and went to sit by the swings to have my snack. I wanted to cry because no one would sit with me. There were many people around yet I don't know why somehow I felt lonely. I guess I'm just starting to miss the ones who used to played games with me.

As I sit alone waiting and praying for my playmates, I learned something: "It's not the number of people around you that determines your loneliness, it's your relationship to them."

What would you do with two hundred fifty strangers when all you need is four people?


Mon said...

very well-written, nakakadala.. reminds me of the song "Home" by Michael Buble. It's really hard to live far from our love ones. peru kaya yan!

lucas said...

At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. But sometimes all you need is one. hehe! share ko lang from OTH. very well written :)

PUSANG-gala said...

how old are you again Elay? are you the kid in the picture on the right side of this blog?---if that is you and if your profile is true---I must be dreaming---coz reading your post is like reading a seasoned 40 year old writer~~~~such maturity

Sriram said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog.. Keep up the good work.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

Curbside Puppet said...

i couldn't stop my nostrils from bleeding while reading your post.


lucas said...

mate, may problema sa feed nung last post mo, i believe...hmmm...wednesday confessions ba yun? i was hoping i could read it.

salamat sa comment elay :)

peace out!