Thursday, March 21, 2013


You're back...

The love I buried deep in the abyss of forlorn memories were awakened and excavated before you. 

Our friends kept holding me back. Nasty stories of you was laid on my table yet all of them I ignored. 

Your simple "good morning po, I'm on my way home :)" messages brought inconceivable joy.

The day I tasted your kiss

The day I held your hand

The day I wrapped you in my arms

Felt sweeter than it was before

Everything seemed to be our first

The night you rushed into my house, sat with me and cried because your lover hurt you

I couldn't help but feel the pain

All I wanted to do

was protect you

show you that you are loved

that after all this time

after all that had happened

I will always be that one person who will love you no matter what


where this is heading remains uncertain

you're confused

you're struggling with yourself

so I'll leave you for your sanity

until everything gets better


my love

I may seem distant

but I tell you

whenever you feel weak

I will always be your strength

I love you


"If you truly loved someone, regardless of how long and tiresome some things are; regardless of all the hurt you may have felt; regardless of everything else in between, you would still stay, truly, madly and deeply in love. Nothing has changed, nothing ever will be." -Dan Christian Basanes


Folks, I haven't written anything in ages, forgive me if certain parts of this post seem fickle.