Monday, October 5, 2009

Words from the heart


A soft breeze wafts on my cheeks
caressing me softly and lovingly
and thoughts of you came racing
soon upon my awakening

Sing to me my beloved
I always long for your tender voice
a serenading song, a soothing lullaby
so irresistible, so you

I keep falling in love with you
every minute of every day
sunrise till' sunset, dusk till' dawn
my love, my darling
my calm waters and my woodland dove
your love is more than enough
is everything that my soul ever longed for

Cup your hands into my cheeks
and look deep into my eyes
so you could see once more
like an inexpressive bliss
like an inconceivable ecstasy
my unfathomable love for you

photo from ireneshpak