Sunday, May 25, 2008


Pedestrian Crossing, No Jaywalking, No parking, and my favorite: No Vandalism. As a college student, these are the signs I encounter almost everyday, every time I travel. Rules like these may not be as serious as "keep away blah blah volts" but these simple ones help in maintaining peace and order in our society.

During my enrollment, I had the chance to explore the premises of my University together with Amabelle. Our college has its building few blocks from the main building, and because most of our academic affairs take place in our college, we rarely have the chance to roam around the main campus.

I checked out the comfort room right next to the university canteen and boy! it's quite as fancy as SM's haha, though there's this itsy bitsy problem: There were scribbles on its walls.

I believe that the administration didn't lack in any reminder especially the part of prohibiting vandalism. I MEAN DUH, JUST CHECK THE PIC --->

I was disappointed because seeing a scribble like that on a developing comfort room is a sign that one of the students lack in self discipline. I know that the vandal isn't a big deal but the principle of disobedience behind that incident is. I mean, violating a simple rule? (Again I'm not saying that all the activists are like the person who did this). Did the suspect simply ignore the sign just to express his angst towards the government? Wasn't he able to understand plain English? or was he just simply being "pasaway"? If we can't submit to rules as simple as those, how are we going to obey the bigger ones? those that contain larger consequences.

I know that what he wrote really does make sense but the way he expressed it bothers me. How uncivilized! I bet that the University wouldn't reach it's full potential of being developed with students like these.