Wednesday, June 16, 2010


To the eighth wonder of the world,

The words I know of are inadequate to convey my pleasure of having you in my life. I assume that you are clueless of what you are in my little world. Very well then, let me tell you.

You, my darling, a beautifully crafted woman of God, have never failed to wipe away my sorrows and paint a smile on my face. I don't know how you do it but every time you'd place your sweet, soft hands on my cheeks and when your mesmerizing eyes meet mine, all my troubles would simply dissolve. Whenever I am full of rage, times when my heart is overflowing with fury, just a simple "calm down, elijah" from you would suddenly extinguish the fire. All my anger would drift away yet still leave me wondering how it happened. No one in my entire life not even my parents has the ability to silence all the noise my head. Again, I am puzzled. How do you do it?

Sometimes I am stupid, I admit. I--I make you cry with my careless words. I know, trust me I do and I am sorry. If only the skies could paint the sadness I feel whenever you're hurt. If only the waters could reflect the hatred I have towards myself knowing that I am the one who caused you the pain. If only my arms could reach and wrap you... and tell you how deeply sorry I am. Then and there you would see how treasured you are in my life.

Your random acts of kindness. Your messages in my phone "have you eaten?", "go to bed early okay?", "I'll meet you in my prayers" so on and so forth would totally melt my heart away. I guess to you those were just plain and simple but to me... oh my you have no idea! :)

Thank you. Thank you for being a good friend, for being a special friend... an extra special friend. Thank you for caring, always having my welfare in mind. I don't know how to thank you enough... I'm speechless. Did you know that I juiced up my mind so I can find these words for you?? That's how special you are to me.

I remember telling you that only special people have a place on my blog.... guess this is your 3rd post haha. :) are definitely... worth the wait.