Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I'm tired

It's been a month since the night my whole world fell apart (the world I built around you).

Remember the little fights we had that would later on turn to an exchange of unending sweetness?

Remember how you used to dance in front me when we're at the club and I'd just laugh at you coz you looked really cute and funny? (not to mention you were always off beat lol)

Remember how we'd always laugh while making love because we just loved experimenting? (over share, hey guys this is my blog soooo yea I can do whatever I want :p)

I used to think that turning all my unrequited love into strands of inconceivable anger would somehow mend the shattered remnants of my heart. I was wrong. I'm done with all the bitterness (sawa na ko mag ulam ng ampalaya araw araw hahaha) 

I'm done asking myself questions like "am I not worth it?", "am I not gwapo enough?" and all those shit lol.

I was again reminded of how moving on really takes time. I thought about finding another lover but I guess that wouldn't cure my miseries either. 

I loved you, I really did. 

For the last time I'll just look back and savor how it was to be with you. 

One last look before I close this chapter in my life. 

No, I'm not gonna cry.

I'm over that don't worry.

I could finally say that I have accepted everything

For now I'll just focus on loving myself. 

My love, I'm ending this chapter with a brave smile :)


take good care of yourself