Tuesday, June 7, 2016

the vow

alone he sat in the corner

running his palm on his chest

on withered scars that cover his heart

he remembered them sweet words vividly

what he said about love

about its wonders

about gliding through wheat fields

about lazy mornings

and skinny dipping in the ocean

he reread the poems

the songs

the little things


he hated it


you never leave the person you love

how can you abandon love?


eyes shut, he gently whispered

to forever close his doors

to shut people away

because everyone will leave eventually

and words, no matter how shiny they are

will lose its lustre when trials come

so he swore

with the remaining fragments of his heart on his clutches

to NEVER engage in love again

for love

is nothing more

than an illusion

a snare

and a trap of wonderful promises


I know you're happy and I hope you always get what you deserve. I hope you fulfill your dreams and I wish I am there to chase them with you. I'm afraid you are the last person I will ever love.

I'm not okay yet but I will be eventually, because in the end, you having found happiness is what matters...
Though I'm not going to lie, deep in the subconscious part of my head is a spark of hope wishing that one day we will be together or maybe you having found the stregnth to give us another chance.

Good night.