Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching a breath

Everything is happening too fast...

Time was utterly swift
It was unnoticeable
The winds came
it carried our memories
as it passes
You're all grown up now

You've moved on
Yet here I remain
Sitting under the stars
couldn't resist
the temptation
of the past
sitting here...
Trying to taste the good times
Trying to feel how it was like

I've been vain and bitter
my mouth became an open grave
it wanted to devour you

to ruin you
to make you miserable
to make you experience
the crucible I endured
the loneliness I overcame
the sorrowful cries in my soul

my heart turned into stone
afraid to trust
afraid to love

Now, God has healed me
God has mended my wounded heart
Now, there are people waiting for me
people spending time listening to my stories
people sparing attention sharing my burdens
people who remind me that life after all is beautiful

Still I wonder where you are
are there people caring for you
are they listening to you

are they being true to you
even when I am unkind
behind this mask
lies a heart longing for you
New friends you now have
New faces, new character
I too have come far
New companions I also have
But I swear I think of you
and how I wish you knew
That amidst the hundreds of stars in my life
your star remains bright.