Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unpublished Love

"Make me feel good when I hurt so bad, barely getting' mad, I'm so glad I found you, I love bein' around you"

From the moment the song began serenading my ears, like the stream's raging waters thoughts of you came flooding in my restless mind. How am I to portray you? Confused I have been, blinded by the myriad things about you that captivated me. It's as if I am trapped in an arcane maze teeming with undecipherable riddles. goodness! Indeed it is challenging to bring you into perfect picture. I've written dozens, juiced my brain with poems and letters and stories yet every time I'd sit down and write, it's as if I'm writing to you for the first time.

The way your long curly hair gently dances with the wind, that sweet voice of yours, able to seize all the filthy noise, your heart-melting, compassionate and ever so loving stare, your lovely face, your cute smile, your witty jokes, your winks everything! I believe that I don't have the luxury of space to enumerate all of them.

Every time you would tell me how special I am even at times I know I'm not, when you'd ask me simple things like "have I eaten" or "how was my day" just gives me that inexpressive bliss probably that thing they call "kilig". I hope your mind would dare not think of these as mere praises only for I have gathered all my emotions to assemble these words. If only my mind has richer vocabulary I guess I could have come up with a more appealing manuscript but I guess this is it... for now.

I know I have always said this but just please let me say it again... You make waiting sooo worth it. Have a pleasant evening my dear, I'll meet you in my dreams. :)

This is what? my 5th post for her? hindi pa kasama ung mga unpublished ones hehe ooohhh geez :) :)