Friday, March 11, 2011

THOUGHTS V: Tasting Love

It was in an afternoon of fall. There they were taking a stroll beneath the grandiose trees as autumn leaves fall like snowflakes on the ground. It was a portrait the boy used to paint deep within the walls of his unconscious mind. There were shades and colors every hopeless romantic would dream of laying on their canvasses. Once finished, they just stare at it, fantasizing... desperately waiting for that moment to come alive. The boy was just one of the fortunate few who had his dream come true.

"Let's jump over there" He said pointing at the pile of leaves. "You mean dive? Are you sure?" The girl replied. The boy held her hand, their fingers tight and locked. Then, with a single mischievous smile they ran towards the pile.

They ended up lying on the dirt side by side. They laughed their hearts out as they watch dry leaves fly everywhere. "You should have the seen the look on your face" The boy said. Laughter roared even more! As it seized he turned to her, their faces a breath away. He just stared at her. She wore a face of perfection, a marvel, a sight he only used behold from a distance, a figure he used to steal glimpses of. Now, there he lays, only courage away from a kiss. He was speechless. It's as if he was robbed of all the flamboyant words he knows.

"Do you love me" The boy blurted out. The girl cupped her hands on his cheeks "Listen to me" The girl said "I know you're gifted and all, dancing, writing and all those stuff but believe me when I tell you that even if you couldn't dance or write anything fancy I'd still love you" The boy remained silent. Nothing was heard from him except for the audible sound of his heartbeat. "All that time you remained aloof, hushed, doing nothing but wait and watch I was waiting for you. Now you're here... with me... together...." As they remain sitting underneath the shades, the boy started painting new pictures in his head. Pictures that somehow depict a new chapter in their story. Pictures that are full of color, full of life, hope and love. Then and there he knew, looking deep in her eyes, that beyond any shadow of doubt... she is the one he would like to spend eternity with.

..."I've been saving love songs and lullabies, and there's so much more no one's ever heard before. Something's telling me it might be you, all of my life"