Thursday, February 16, 2012

For you... happy valentines

So it took me a couple of days before posting this. I'm afraid I didn't have the courage to press the PUBLISH POST button and have this as a constant reminder of what I lost. Nonetheless, happy valentines.


Another year given and done
I've come through, safe one more time
The days are warmer than I thought
It burns a pathway through the haze
of a thousand bird filled mornings
that would never reach your eyes

I am sitting alone tonight darling
Alone in the cold old room
and the sound of the rain
as it falls on the pane
makes darker its gathering gloom

The rain too is falling
on your picture as if washing
the dust of years and memories
that only my heart carries

caress me in my dreams
if only to soothe my awakening
Hold me in your arms as if you were beside me
cup your hands on my cheeks
and look deep into my eyes
so you could see once more
limitless and as pure as the cloudless sky

I feel and see you in every tree and flower
in every drop of rain
maybe a soft breeze that wafts
gently touching my skin till I drift away

smoothe my hair with your hands
and wipe away my tears
tears of longing, regret and bereavement
I can't forget the long years
years of pain and life's crucible
but I'll always remember the minutes
minutes of tenderness and care
that soothed the agony of your absence