Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"Si Elay suplado", "Si Elay masungit", "Si Elay malakas mambara", "nakakatakot xa kausapin".. These are just the four most common feedback that I've been receiving for the past weeks. I know that there's no reason for me to explain myself about this matter but I think it's getting a little out of hand.

Actually that is the probable reason why I left the ushering ministry(BELIEVE IT OR NOT I WAS ONCE PART OF THAT [can you imagine me smiling at people, shaking their hands politely?]).. I don't know, I guess it isn't my nature to smile at strangers. With the way I stare.. well, God gave me this eyes and I don't know why the heck I look at people like this. You see, people often judge me based on their first impressions. Go ahead and ask my friends, I believe that what they'll say about me will surely contradict the impressions that these people are throwing at me.

To be honest I am not friendly. I don't really care if people don't like me and stuff, I mean the thing is do I like them? But, on the plus side once a person becomes my friend I will value him or her with all my heart. Just so you know, it is totally difficult for me to lose a friend, it's as if a portion or an organ in my body had stopped functioning (that is how precious friends are to me).

One night I texted this guy in our church then, blah blah blah the conversation began. I remember him told me: "ikaw masungit ka raw ah" then I replied "says who", he said: "marami sila eh" ... .. ... after several justifications.. I told him: "I am building a wall not to keep people away but to see who's willing to break it and stay". The funny thing is I used to ignore this guy a lot but now we're always laughing together.

I can name hundreds of people who at first thought I am rude and now they're the ones who totally enjoy my company. Yes I'm frank but not rude.

Bottom line..

Before you judge me, spend time with me first. In knowing me you don't need your eyes what you need is your heart. My heart still has a room for lots of friends, who knows you might be one of them.