Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Faces.

So many people, so many words and so many promises.

Lately I was in the middle of nowhere full of hatred and sadness. I was abandoned like a kitten on a dark and cold alley by those who I truly value. I was deserted in an unfamiliar and unwanted place by my dearest companions, sitting in the darkest and wettest corner of an alley as rain pours upon my head.

I struggled for survival. Every night I'd lie awake, my eyes overflowing with tears as I hear the chant of my sorrowful echo; "I am strong" Crying even more as my mind attempts to destroy dreadful thoughts, images of those blissful memories that are hard to forget.

If only they know how miserable I've become. If only they know that because of them I became afraid to love, afraid to trust not only me but everyone around me. That I became afraid to trust and cautious to make friends

Now my wounds are starting to mend. The pictures are slowly being washed away from my memory making way for new images in my album. Cries are turning to smiles as the rain cleanses the dirt preparing me for a new chapter in my life.

Now I find myself surrounded by so many people. People with new faces and new personalities.

"Nandito lng ako pag may problema ka"
"Ako, kami, makikinig kami sa'yo"
"Andito naman kami eh"

So many voices, so many words and so many promises. I could still remember the same people who said those words and are now out of my life. I am still afraid to trust in fact, I'm afraid to even try. I don't know if the lips that uttered these words are sincere or just trying to make me feel better. Will they make my dull life colorful? Will they stay?


I'm left with so many questions


Mon said...

Life may impose moments of sadness. Ganyan talaga. normal lang yan! ika nga when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. hehe

syempre natural lang na magiging skeptic ka about who to trust who not to trust. peru don't be afraid! may mga matitinong tao pa naman sa mundo.

lika dude ampunin na lang kita wala akong kapatid e. LOL

lucas said...

nakakadala nga yung mga ganung tao.and i understand why you feel that way. but i hope i won't stop you from connecting with people. true friends are made, and not found...