Tuesday, November 8, 2016


He yearned for long drives
for lazy mornings and warm nights

he longed for slow dances 
underneath the black, moonlit canvas
to the rhythm of unspoken vows
of eternal love and fidelity

he craved for petty quarrels
that blossomed into fierce love making  
which left nothing but gentle kisses
and intertwined souls caressed by the cold autumn breeze

he dreamed of discovering new worlds
exploring cities
getting lost in a labyrinth strangers and skyscrapers
unafraid of wandering too far
for you, his home, is with him.

but just as dreams dissolve at the crack of dawn
so did his
he looked in the mirror and saw the void on his chest
the nothingness that engulfed the remaining fragments of his heart
"the pain is debilitating" he thought

he retreated into an emotional fortress where no one could touch him again.


Orange said...

hi, how are you? :D

ELAY said...

@orange: heeey doing good! you?