Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The action mala epic story continues!! Anu na nga ba ang nangyare sa isang never ending battle against evilgenius URSULA!! ang pakikipagtuos ng mga isda ng VeejaywanwanEN...!!!

One sunny afternoon; a typical day for the fishes in the sea academy. Vemet, a big democratic fish has decided to pursue the petition for URSULA, and are planning with Kwizel, Emgee together with the class officers. Their conversation was really hot and they're really considering Ursula's power.. and do you know what power She posses? THE POWER TO DESTROY FUTURE!! yes! she can destroy any fish's future.. with a single failing mark from her pen of doom.. nakuuuu...

Having Ursula petitioned will have a huge impact on her credibility.. WHICH WILL get her mad and perform a counter attack on the fishes. (shhheeek.. change topic).. Emgee's really pissed because there's this errand whammy.. este Ursula asked her to do.. funny as it may seem she keeps on committing errors.. and at the same time, emgee is repeating the same process over and over until she meets perfection...that's what Ursula asks.. perfection! kawawang fishda.

On the other hand, Dwastine, wonaldo, meyshel, restel, and company, are debating for what statement should be placed on the back of the shirt they're planning to produce. "Watchdogs, aw aw aw" said restel... wala lang.. nakakatawa..

So... the fishes, are attempting to consult their queen fevvrey for counseling.

Till next time..


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