Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ursula is an antagonist from Disney's Little Mermaid. Surprisingly, it amazes me that creatures of such really exist, and take note; THEY EVEN WALK!!

In a school, there are different kinds of fish; a wannabe, a know it all, a gossiper, a backstabber, and many more. But when Ursula came in their lives, they have united against this ultimate living nightmare again, take note; this so-called "nightmare" only happens every Tuesday morning. Now, believe it or not the fishes in this school are really pursued in their field of education, doing anything to uplift their grades.serious huh? Sadly, Ursula is one of their mentors... By the way she turned up to be one of the highly paid sea creatures among the whole sea academy. Ursula is not more that 5,1 very skinny, and likes to wear sleeveless octopus linen, and skinny jogging pants. Can you imagine a skinny old person wearing those sea clothes?

Ursula is really fund of bragging her accomplishments in life. Example; she keeps on telling her fishes that her son; baby ursula, manages to obtain 1000 shells as his daily allowance, and another thing; Ursula's cave is soooo big and full of expensive and imported furniture. That's what Ursula keeps on telling her little fishes. She is also a business woman, she sells fish cards, raffle tickets, and a WHOLE LOT MORE.

Ursula teaches one of the most famous sea dances in the whole sea kingdom. Such dances are called, "ta ta", "meggai", "chwing" and a lot more.. Oh I almost forgot, she even instructs: "varneis". She (ursula) is unquestionably talented EXCEPT, her attitude seem to cover her greatness causing her students to think of her more deeper than an average antagonist; an EVILGENIUS!

Now what makes her an EVILGENIUS? well she doesn't consider explanations nor apologies, she's unlawful, she's unfair, she's fund of mocking people like he did with a fish named VEMET. Just any dim-witted thing you can imagine... think of her.

"Emgee" is one of the school's top. Unfortunately, she's the chosen assistant of Ursula and do you know what that means? Infinite errands, never-ending sermons, are the things she usually asks Emgee to perform having her energy overused, misused, and abused. Emgee is a little loquacious and that she makes her fellow fish blog-like, you know telling them all sorts of stories.

One time Emgee told Dwastine, Vemet, Nilay, Anuel, Sarlon, Darmi, Goy, and Go, her encounter with Ursula, and her story really made her fellow fishes burn in anger. Right now, the fishes are attempting to submit a petition for Ursula, and this time they are really serious.

That ends my story for now... I mean I still have to review for my Com103. Besides, I'm still after the story. sinusubaybayan ko pa.


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