Sunday, November 23, 2008

Your average love life.

It was 2 years ago when I fell in love with my best friend. It was as wonderful as the sun's afterglow with the different colors of the spectrum, words would be inadequate to convey the beauty of the love we had. Surely the risk of having our friendship grow into something more was massive. People say that once the relationship has ended, it's difficult to bring the old times back.

Both of us weren't sure about how our relationship would end, we were just enjoying the cool breeze that encloses us, having love our warmth.

All my life, she's been nothing but the best.

Unfortunately, we broke up, it was because of some reason totally complicated to explain. I could say that breaking up with her would be one of the worst decisions I HAVE EVER MADE. Until now I never really moved on... always wishing that there will be a time when she'll be knocking at the door of my heart again.

We tried to be bestfriends again, calling each other "bez" and sharing details about our lives. She has her new boyfriend and I'm busy with the church's ministries. Though we still keep in touch (like 1 text message in a month) and do regular bestfriend routines, there's something in her or in me that invites an awkward feeling. I believe that there's no hope of having it fixed. Sadly, I have to accept the fact that I lost her.

It think it's deja vu because the same situation seems to occur. I'm scared and bothered because I'm afraid to lose a precious person in my life. *sighs

Having one's friendship grow into something more sure is risky. You should keep on thinking and praying about it because if you push it further you might not be able to handle the consequences.

Are you willing to lose the friendship for the love?


♀caio♀ said...

minsan k ng nwLan,,
wg mong hayaang maulit ung minsan n un,,
wg mong hayaang mwlan k ulit,,

lucas said...

i 'almost' fell in love with my bestfriend too. i'm not sure though because i never dared to cross the line nor explore what i felt for her. but the questions of what if's buzz in my head sometimes...

but now were still bestfriends...and we decided to leave it that way...but then again...bawal magsalita ng patapos..ahehe...

it'smeElay said...

hehe.. ewan... kasi like there's this awkward feeling with my x na.. tas basta.. though we still call each other 'bez' parang titulo na lang un ewan.

my black diary said...

helow!! nakakarelyt aqoh sa situation mO ngaUn kC ganyN din unG pinagdadaanan qOh ngaUn. I know it s very haRd to 4get thE pERson whoM u'Ve lovE da mOst. But life must go on.


aw. grabe. ganyan ang pinagdadaanan ko ngaun.