Monday, November 3, 2008

Astig pag English! -duh

"U may Gad,, madafaka!!! betch..!" All the "dota boys" shouting the same phrase over and over again...

I went to an internet cafe this afternoon just to update my online accounts. As I entered the cafe, I felt uneasy because of the loud voices that seem to swallow the entire room. Meanwhile, curiosity entered my mind as I opened a friend's profile. Her shoutout goes like...

".'+thE lhadY of dOu6z is nOw mOvin6 on.. fUck to oL of thOse fUcking biTchinesS asShoLes BLOODZ!!! aRe u 6onNa fYt!!?? bUt w8.. mAh luV owNs mEh.. nO onE cAn repLaCe him,'+ za n6a dOu6z jaN.. jOin kaU sa grUp kO.."

AHUH?? So now people evolved in terms of cursing? From the legacy of the "putang ina mo" now comes "fuck", "bitch", "asshole" and many more.

So I went back home and sat on the couch with nothing to do. Bored, I browsed the messages of my brother's cellphone (sorry). I saw a message that says "Join the maddafackah clan... to join pls.. blah... bla" I was like WHOA! children use this kind of language?

They say that as long as you know how to speak in english even if you're just a kid or you're poor, people will never laugh at you. I don't know, maybe because lifestyle is nothing compared to intelligence (you can be a millionaire and still be a dumbass). And, according to most people, the standard of being an intellect is based on the language one is using. On how well you communicate using the english language. I guess some people are just born stupid that they keep on speaking or cursing in english yet they are not able to define the words they are using.

???: elay, pakyu ka ba? mga bobo at pulubi lang ang nagmumura ng "PUTA" what an asshole!
elay: bobo ka ba? nagmumura ka rin noh! iniienglish mo lang!!
(uy peace tau ha. lab u!)

"since it's cool to speak in english, I'll do it... I don't care about the meaning, order of words, the pronunciation or even the grammar, it still sounds cool anyway!"


Neru said...

i dunno what to say.... but hearing or reading such words from less brainy people... it irritates me.. haha.. i think they should have this so called "brain Lift" hehe


ay nako tama ka jan, man.
ginagawang basehan ng katalinuhan ung pag-iingles na hindi naman tama.