Thursday, October 30, 2008


Where oh, friend is thy true face, the one I used to know,
The one that used to laugh with me, that helped me learn to grow?
Why now have we turned away from all those things we shared,
Can time not leave a simple memory or moment unimpaired?

I always tried to reach out and give you the best part of me,
Now it seems I’ve failed as you turn away from me and flee.
What did I do, how can I make it right, this apparent thing,
Which caused you to throw our closeness away and to sorrow bring.

I am me, that’s all I am, I can’t be anything more,
You liked me this way once, remember that, before you leave my door.
And if you go, I’ll cry for you and all you’ve thrown away,
But through the pain I’ll always wish we could go back to yesterday.


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