Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An awesome date with God. ^_^

My devotion this morning was totally magnificent!

I have been stressed because of the problems that were straddled on my back these past weeks. After I had my morning devotion, everything (my worries, fears, troubles etc) drifted away. It’s utterly complicated to explicate that the God who controls everything in this world can still find time to spend with me. I am so filled with his love... all I want to do is worship Him all day!

I held on to God’s promise that He will never leave nor forsake me. I am sure that in all my sufferings, He is with me saying: “Let me carry you my child” Also, I believe that there are reasons and lessons to be revealed every time we face such.

On my other blog, a reader deemed that I am as ignorant as blah blah... God vs. No God (just read it, I don't know... I was quite sad at first but I don't mind people saying that anymore. I mean, even if they do believe or not, they can never alter the fact that sooner or later they will meet God.

Anyway, right now I'm just filled with the presence of the Holy Ghost. I am overwhelmed with His unfailing love... How I pray that you... yes YOU! can feel this too.


P.S. I'm currently listening to "we fall down (instrumental)" by Chris Tomlin... Looove it.



ive always been a believer with doubt. you know that elay. but i doubt that i would also feel that chorva thing you just felt. lol.

METAPHOR. said...

BELIEVER WITH DOUBT? contradicting huh. You can never believe if there's doubt.


call that paradox, irony-challenged.

METAPHOR. said...

well... what makes you doubt? (magusap daw ba sa comment box)



METAPHOR. said...

haha. you don't need any proof to know that God exists... you only need a pair of working eyes andrew that's all.