Sunday, February 15, 2009

Messages in a bottle.

I saw you an island not far away. You sat there on the shore, hugging your knees with tears rolling down your cheeks. The soft bed of sand embraces your body, trying to sustain the warmth you're longing for. The gentle ocean breeze soothes your soul, blowing all the troubles and pain away. I saw you all by yourself, a stranger with no one.

I don't know your story, I don't know why you're weeping. I wish I could help, to offer my listening ears or my trustworthy shoulders but I can't. Like you, I was devastated, tossed and turned by the devouring waves, wrestled with the rocks and ended up shattered. Like you, my heart was injured.

The waters became calm. The unbearable nightmares and dreadful visions vanished. I sent you a message, a message in a bottle floating its way to you. I wanted to sympathize with your hurts, to share your pain and to hold your hand.

A few days later you replied. It was one of those unforgettable moments when the sun shone. An unforgettable second when a stranger painted a smile on my face... a second of having hope, hope of again, experiencing laughter and joy.

We exchanged letters and surprisingly our hearts were connected. I became a brother to you, a friend and a comforter. A stood on my island taking every breath with you. Don't you think engineers from heaven designed this plan? a plan that two totally different worlds will spin together? that two strangers will discover friendship? I believe it wasn't any accident, it was fate.

Again, I stood on the shore thinking. I am uncertain of when and how this will end, of how much strength we need to face the odds but one thing is for sure; I will hold your hands as tight as I can, that even if you let go... my hands will never.