Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Long road home

The audible sound of the crowd from outside the room was vividly heard as Elijah sat silently in the utter darkness.

His eyes grew wide, barely daring to breathe, listening to the sharp, heartbreaking words from the mouths around him. Elijah seized the crystal tears from falling as he continued enduring the ache of the knife like words piercing his soul. He has carried a lot of grief and cried a lot of tears in his short existence but not like this one.

Every time an interminable silence occurs, Elijah would take a deep breath, doing his best to pull himself together as they slowly torture and wreck his spirit apart. Elijah knew better than to explain, to apologize or even to cry. To see the people he once thought as his second parents, his second brother, his second home stone him to death was indeed... excruciatingly painful.

His already two huge eyes seemed to outgrew his face as he watched the inevitable tension increase in their eyes, and with a single superhuman gesture, they battered him with words with such speed, that the air seemed to have leave Elijah's lungs.

The person whom he expected to somehow defend him just sat there and watch his spirit being tortured. There was no whimper of pain, no sound as invisible hands slapped him hard across the top of his head. To Elijah, the sound of the blows were deafening.

He walked the long road ahead of him all by himself. The flickering lamp posts guiding his way as he walk the seemingly infinite road were somehow offering him comfort. Wondering when he'll find home his eyes begin to flood with tears and as he walk there, he felt the embrace of no one but the cold February breeze.

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