Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He continued walking.

Company by his own, he continued walking along the narrow brick road. The storm never hushed, for days it kept on pouring its inconceivable wrath.

He reached an intersection and paused for a moment. Lights were escaping from his sight as the lamp posts begin to fade, the sound of the raindrops were traveling in and out of his ears, there were no colors visible in the picture... it was dull and dead.

The fog started to clear the road. He was puzzled to see someone on the other side of the street. The storm is totally bad and there's no reason for people standing on the streets by themselves. He surely doesn't know the person's story, it was a book he never laid hands on. "What could be so wrong that this person chose to walk on a stormy night alone?" He crossed the wet and slippery street towards the person.

A couple of fireflies lit the scene as they sit under an oak tree. It was their first time to talk yet they seemed to treat each other very special. The rain poured harder and this time, they used their jackets for protection. There were confessions and stories told. They took turns in narrating their books to each other. The simple gestures of listening and opening up made the dreadful storm bearable.

They both stood up and started to walk. As they laugh and play together under the rain, he realized the smile painted on his face. He was surprised that a person so strange and so new was able to turn his frowned face to a happy one. He was uncertain of until when his new friend will stay but right now, all he wanted to do is love his friend... to love like he's never been hurt.

"holding you for the very first time, never letting go"
-To be with you, David Archuleta.


♀mitch♀ said...

i want to share with your burden..but i can't break your walls..

Garry Paul said...


lucas said...

vivid...it's like actually being there :)