Friday, January 23, 2009


He left his umbrella, his comfort zone. He left even the umbrellas he once shared with his friends. He ran in the pouring rain to chase a friend walking away from him.

(Staring on the blank ceiling... in silent... thinking.)

Oh yes, I could still remember his overflowing love for his special friend. Pondering upon the dreams he dreamed, the laughter and sorrows they shared, everything! Sitting on the dining table, watching movies on the laptop, munching on chips and cookies and cracking jokes. The fresh memories of them dancing foolishly in front of the mirror, midnight conversations over the phone and a whole lot more. I could still recall the time when he ran out in the storm, running in the slippery streets panting for air, navigating through the storm, his feet struggling, giving everything to restore the golden chain of friendship.

He saw his friend standing on the horizon. His friend's face was gray and blurry, as usual he's wearing skinny jeans, skater shoes and a fitted shirt. "I don't want to share my umbrella with you anymore!" There! the immortal words that stabbed his heart, he was surrounded with so much noise but his voice cannot be ignored for it was very familiar! It was so unfair that he left everything to go after his friend yet ended up with nothing, oh he did end up with something; broken hopes, a broken heart and a broken spirit... blah blah... he moved on... blah blah.

They went on their separate ways. The storm's getting more furious so he went to search for his old friends and find some shelter (after all, life isn't meant to be played individually diba?). EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. He was filled with tears! He tried to seize the crystal liquids but it was useless. His huge eyes outgrew his face. The people whom he once shared umbrellas with are now comfy sharing it with new people. The roles in their little theatre show are already taken leaving him no space... no one. He still see them in his dreams, even his special friend and let me tell you it doesn't help! Those dreams left him in a cage of illusions. Like a lion, he's craving for freedom, he wanted to escape!

He was there, standing, the lamp posts guiding his way, the freezing winds caressing his skin. There's no one to hold him, no one who cares... no one.

It was hard to accept that he's alone now, but it's harder to live with it.


PUSANG-gala said...

we should not be too demanding and always ask for love to be returned all the time. we have to share a piece of us to other people without expecting an immediate response or should really be unconditional.

Garry Paul said...

This is really nice and makes me smile and cry at the same time,maybe because I've been there in that exact situation...oh no....I think I'm still there.... T_T

lucas said...

nice one elay :) so are you referring to yourself in 3rd person or what? hahaha! i kid :)

i love the scene when he's running through the rain. very vivid :)

thanks :) i love the way you write too :)

♀mitch♀ said...

..uxt0 co mgkoment ,,
..kx0 i can't find the right words..
..d c0 maexplain ung nraRamdaman c0 nung binabasa c0 ee,,


danxawren said...

and who am i to say you love me, i don't know anything at all.. and who am i to say you need me.. i don't know anything at all.... wala lng.... hahahah.... haayyyy.... T_T

LEon said...

It take 2 hands to clap. Giving and receiving. only can go on when both are giving...

日月神教-任我行 said...