Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Stroll at Dawn. kwento mode.

It was never really safe to wander at the streets in this kind of time but for four dancers who crave for unusual, out of this world fun, danger will never be a hindrance.

Dancers they were, dancers who grooved their bodies in the beat of the music technically known as 'life'. They were individuals who were somehow plagued with tremendous boredom, that they decided to gather and start that magical quest for this so called "fun".

These dancers are considered good in their... well considerable fields. They may have diverse dancing styles but they were surely united by this one genuine passion.

After getting their spines tingled by an ever so horrific movie, they
got off to their feet and went straight out. Like a confused deer walking and navigating its way through the forest, they kept walking yet heading for an unknown destination. But it wasn't really the destination that mattered... it was the journey.

The span of travel carved authentic and temporary smiles on each one's faces (ay grabe ung isa bibo). The expedition lasted for about (I'm really not sure) an hour and a half but it seemed less that thirty minutes. Time was just so unnocticeably quick.

Resting upon the wide open spaces of a ball arena (court) they showed off their various gifts. No one's able to stop their madness! Their souls were amplifying as the music increases in volume (kala mo kay speaker hay)and as their bodies produce sweat. Spectators were around but it seemed like these dancers were just ignoring the irrelevant factors.

A few minutes later and the sun rose, it spelled end for the dawn adventure. I guess they were able to shake off the excessive boredom after all. Breakfast was so special that the scenario was just an exact replica of a "fear factor eating test" (jookkeee!)

The quest for fun ended without the unusual fun they expected, oh well, they just made the most of the 'fun' they have found anyway.

deviation by reynante.

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lucas said...

time really flies especially when you're with people to whom you share the same passion, in your case--dancing...

ang saya siguro nun..dancing till sunrise :) i think dancers are really cool people... self-expression is so diverse but expressing them through body movements??? --WOW.