Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The waiting in the woods.

The sun came. It was a lively morning for a boy named Eriol. The Birds were chirping and the melodies they were singing brought music to his ears. The bright blue skies with the warm colors of the sun was truly a captivating scene... It's going to be a fantastic day!

He rode his unicorn towards the forest to play with his two bestfriends. Eriol met trolls, goblins, fairies, pixies, dwarves, leprechauns and many more. He played with these strangers while he waits for his two special friends. After a couple of hours, they came, it seems like they just finished partying with their other comrades. Eriol played with his bestfriends like he's never played with them before; sliding on rainbows, smelling the flowers and swinging on trees. Words were inadequate to convey Eriol's joy.

It was late afternoon. The skies were starting to turn dark. He always thought of the evening as a time for bidding goodbyes. Because of that, he held their hands and carved their names on his heart. He wished for the moon to hide itself and for the stars to vanish forever but it was useless. The entire day he spent seemed hours for time was so unnoticeably swift.

"promise me you'll come back, I'll wait for you tomorrow!" These words came spilling out from his mouth just as tears fell from his eyes.

The three have departed as the moon entered the scene. Eriol arrived home smiling for he decided to reminisce and savor the joyful memoirs. He was reluctant to rest his eyes and drift away in deep slumber, he wanted to play with the good ol' times. But just as stories have its endings, so does his day has to end. The carriage that will bring him to another magical realm called dreamland picked him up and went off.

The sun rose. Excitement and happiness were painted on his face as he performed his morning rituals. He felt this impassive bliss as he rushed to the forest. He ignored every impediment, every stranger and even his new friends for he knew that what he's going for was forever.

He waited on the same spot. Hours and hours have passed but there was no trace of his friends. He tried calling his new friends but unfortunately they were found nowhere. All the joy faded. Out of the painted smiles, his faced turned blue... he was all alone.

It was late afternoon when he decided to serach for them. Eriol found his girl bestfriend having fun with her new friends. She heard Eriol's call but it seems like she simply ignored him. Eriol was in tears asking why could he be replaced by someone so new... someone so unfamiliar. He went to his guy bestfriend to share his burdens. It's better to lose one that to lose both he thought.

"Get out of here my so called bestfriend!" Rage attacked and dragged Eriol out of his friend's house. Confusion plauged his mind wondering what could have gone wrong. He was on his knees begging for an explanation but sadly, he was thrown outside the door.

Though the pain was massive, though they took half of his life with them and though it brought Eriol immense torment, he chose not to dwell on it. All those smiles and sunshines were gone. He found himself alone and troubled. Leprechauns, pixies and fairies cared for him and though it was completely different from the "care" his bestfriends used to give, he accepted in anyway.

Eriol went to the forest waiting on that same spot every morning. He's still waiting in anticipation for the return of his friends. He refused to ponder upon thoughts such as letting go and goodbyes.