Thursday, December 18, 2008

STRONGER. day II at the citadel

If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know what I'm trying to narrate here.

Taking an evening stroll, I noticed the trees smiling at a very peculiar manner (actually it was more of a grin) the breeze seems to be even more cooler and the voice I mentioned before doesn't bother me anymore. It was breathtaking to walk on the narrow brick road while you feast your eyes on autumn leaves falling from the trees. The moon was up and bright and the stars were just astounding. The environment was a bit odd but it sure is nice.

Buckets and buckets of blood came pouring out of me! After a minute of walking, the next thing I knew I was lying on the ground and bleeding, that captivating portrait turned red! Out of nowhere an arrow suddenly pierced my heart, it was a big shock I didn't see it coming!

"it was from one of my birthday presents" I uttered. I plucked it out and began familiarizing myself with it.

"Damn it! why is it so easy for them to judge me? I am so sick and tired of being accused for something I didn't do!" unbearable and audible words came spilling out from my mouth, words that were the closest to interpret my heart's emotions! I almost drowned for my eyes began to flood with tears.

A huge plague of fire came burning all the anguish away! After the scene, after sweeping the ashes, I stood up with blazing red eyes with tons and tons of unimaginable anger! My heart has been healed by a matter I don't know. I took a glimpse of myself on a mirror floating right next to the pedestal. The mirror was old and made out of gold, it was embedded with floral swirls and is crafted with precious stones. Staring at it surely is captivating.

There I saw a kid with eyes like a phoenix and wings similar to a bat. His heart speaks nothing but anger, VAST anger that can almost cover the skies. It was inconceivable! His stomach craves to devour meat and his soul yearns to burn homes! It's been months since the last time this kid unleashed hell! Again, he found pleasure in immeasurable anger for it is able to terminate all the heartache.

I was desperate to revive the old me, the indestructible, immovable and invulnerable me. There will be a time when even swarms of arrows may come but it will end up shattered, a time when anger will fully consume my spirit and make me totally invincible!