Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Special Chocolate

It was 2am in the morning and his eyes were still glowing and lively! He headed towards the fridge to grab and chew on a couple of goodies to pass the time.

A secret door was unlocked! It was a door of steel that leads to a magical realm of sweets. His eyes were caught by mouth watering delicacies that seemed to entice and bind his entire senses. He knew he'd need all of them! There were different flavors, different sizes and different labels all pleasing to his sight and taste. He simply can't get enough!

As he was indulging himself he noticed something's wrong. A few minutes later, he gained consciousness that his ever so special chocolate was missing. "where could it be?" "where could HE be?". In tears, he went after the chocolate. Hours, Days, weeks, months have passed and still he's nowhere.

The other promising goodies were always there and enjoying his stay in coco land. In return, he gave his time and smiles to them as a token of gratitude. Though he's beginning to get used to the idea of not having his special chocolate, he surely wishes for its return.


We always crave for chocolate right? But I guess there will be a special chocolate that will make you ignore the others.

deviation by darkixi


lucas said...

i love chocolates! hehehe! this post is a nice way to say that love couldn't be forced :)

ito na pala ang bago mong bahay :)

happy new year! :)

it'smeElay said...

haha uu.. uy it's been weeks since last the last time napadaan ka dito.