Thursday, December 11, 2008


To The "bestest" bestfriend who will NEVER be replaced.

She can write a whole book about me and I can do the same.When I hear the word love, She appears right in my mind next to God. We have similar heartbeat, similar dreams and similar outlook, other people say we even look alike.She's just everything to me!

She'd write me poems.She'd be at my classroom during recess with snacks on her bag.She'd wait for me until after class and we'd go lunch together.She'd always remind me of taking my meals on time.She'd always call and check on me if I'm doing well.She'd sing to me songs (at kahit ngayon wala pang gumagawa sakin nito ).We'd always see each other after every activity yet she never gets tired of me. We'd talk on the phone for hours and even though she's sleepy, I can still sense her listening ears.She'd always make me feel loved.

She means everything to me.

Last night, I texted her about putting an end to our relationship (bestfriends). She admitted that she cannot bring the old intimacy back for there's this awkwardness between us.

In her text messages she wrote:

"I don't know what to say basta thank you for that precious friendship we had... sana someday makatagpo ka ng isang tao na makakapagpasaya sayo at di ka iiwan. Wag mong pababayaan ang sarili mo, kumain ka lagi sa oras para hindi umatake yung ulcer mo. Godbless. I'll miss everything."

What breaks my heart is that as she bids her goodbye, she still reminded me of how she cared and of how I am valuable to her. No one in my life have ever done such things to me. Though I consider people 'bestfriends NO ONE COULD EVER REPLACE HER.

She means everything to me.How I wish I can hug you once again. I wish we could have taken too many pictures.. so I'll have something to ugghh nevermind

If there will ever be a person able to take her place, I pray that it'll be soon. ILoveYou

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