Saturday, December 6, 2008


How far will your sight take you?

Are they able to see through your blinding mask?

No one bothers to ask... No one seems to care... as long as they see you happy, strong and outgoing they wouldn't mind. Sometimes it feels much better if behind all your laughter someone will ask you "are you really okay?". One morning your eyes opened and suddenly your heart felt cold. The warmth, the fire that keeps you alive went out.

You hear your master's voice but you hide yourself because of your shameful face. You can really use a shoulder to pour your heart out right now, unfortunately, no one's there. No one seem to mind at all. It's either they don't care or they don't really know... come on, you're wearing your mask remember?

You can taste your soul long and hunger for your first love... but...

Face the fact!

You can't live all by yourself

This life is not meant to be played individually
Don't depart from the vine!
and lastly...
You can't survive without Him.

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