Friday, December 19, 2008

FREE, Day III at the citadel.

Tonight's the last.

The agony wasn't really healed, it was only covered.

Anger was simply preventing the anguish to reach the surface, nothing more nothing less. The jar
that contains my tears is overflowing! I was screaming!!! crying for help, crying for company!

"Come young man, let's have a chat"

A familiar man invited me for supper. His voice seems to calm my senses, His eyes were shining with love and compassion and as He hold my hands, I felt true comfort.

"What's the problem?"

At first I was totally reluctant to narrate the incidents by detail. I was completely in cold fury, the anger came like a roaring lion panting for blood! I was afraid to admit that I was hurting for if I find tears flowing from my eyes, I'd pity myself. A few minutes later, I was surprised to see myself transparent before Him. My mouth was singing the entire song.p The words began to convey the entire scene, little by little the picture becomes more vivid. Yes, it was awful to portray it again but there's something in Him that made me open up.

"Why is it when I tend to show unconditional love, people won't do the same for me. Why does it have to be so unfair?"

Tears began to fall

All of a sudden, He embraced me. His arms were wrapped so tight that I'd wish for it to last forever. The soul that was covered in ice and was engulfed in darkness was alive again. As tears kept falling, He whispered: "You don't need anyone to tell you that you're special because in my eyes, you already are." I was speechless. Nothing was left but tears... lots and lots of tears.

I took another glimpse on the mirror. It was a hideous monster! I was a hideous monster! It's time to end this!


I flew with wings of an eagle... away from the citadel... away for good.

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