Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Happiest Birthday ever woot!

We all get to celebrate our birthdays right?
Want to know how mine went?

Georgette and Leslie went to my house last night (Tuesday, November 16, 10pm) so they can greet me at 12:00am personally. After the warm greeting they went home having our refrigerator EMPTY! A few hours later, I saw myself sleeping with a smile painted on my face.

I woke up with 10 messages from my cellphone. Surely I can't recall all of them but some were from yna, janjan, mama mitch, my cousin aleli etc. Sorry if I forgot the rest but you deserve my thanks for it started my day with colors.

After going to the University of The Philippines Lanter Parade (I didn't finish it) I went to see twilight at sm. After the movie and a little shopping, I went to starbucks for a grande mocha frap and for the next 30 minutes, I sat there reading my book. I guess that would be my "celebration" but you know what's cool? I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!

I went to my bestfriend's house to pick up a cd. I got the item, he uttered his greetings then Imma outta there.

My arrival was GRANDIOSE! It was filled with lots and lots of fireworks!

"Wala ka nanamang naitutulong sa bahay!"
"Hihintayin mo pa ba ang ading mo na maghugas! Maghugas ka na senyorito ka nanaman para kang boarder!"

Goodness gracious what an astounding surprise!

I texted my bestfriend about the party going on in my house, of course the impact of the text wouldn't be complete without a few curses. A few hours later my phone rang, it was a message from him!

"Pards yar badshot ka dito sa bahay. galet na galet si papa nabasa ung text mo na puro mura. di ko na nga nabasa eh. wag ka na raw pumunta dito at wag na rin daw akong lumapit sayo."

As usual, I replied with sarcasm (I thought that it wasn't the right time to be emo and cry) "WOW, that's just what i needed thanks a lot!"

My phone rang again...

"ako pinagtatanggol kita dito tas ikaw. amf! bala ka nga! PANIRA KA TALAGA NG BUHAY"

I paused for a second. I felt a knife stab my heart but when the blade sank in, it was unnoticable. Massive anger took place! Anger not for him but for the circumstances! The heartache vanished as hatred began to explode.. I can barely feel anything!

NOW... let's count my birthday presents.

-ever so loving parents
-dearest bestfriend

darn it, i only got two. I wonder what will happen this Christmas hahaha.. Happy Birthday to me!

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