Sunday, December 14, 2008

A name that starts with the letter "G"

Despicable behavior, unacceptable attitude, a dreadful image and a horrible outlook towards life define him. Lazy, useless, unreliable, naive, apathetic, ignorant and a handful of negative adjectives elucidate his character. Go ahead and think of the most insensitive person, dress him with a black top, bench boxers, skinny jeans, pony shoes and to top it off, a sony ericsson P900

I guess that is how the crowd portrays this being. They attempt to bring judgment simply by peeking through the windows of his life, unaware of the real deal inside.

A precious, one of the most intricate masterpieces knitted with various gifts and talents, a beautifully crafted specie spiced with different flavors that build up his personality. Intelligent, talented and truly priceless.

While you're reading, he'll turn the lights off, he'll grab your pillow even when you're using it, he won't share his laptop until he's satisfied with what he's doing, he'll call you a plagiarist even when you're not and lastly; he'll call you unusual names you won't imagine. But what makes those awful set of traits pleasant to ones soul? I DON'T KNOW!! It's this impassive bliss, unexplainable, unimaginable. It's that joy difficult to convey.

There are times when he doubts himself. Times when he'd stay in bed wishing to escape from all the life's impediments. strive forward!

Unfold your wings, soar up high in the clouds, reach for the skies.

Believe in yourself

You are special