Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Black Citadel

I was engulfed in thick darkness.

My wings were like broken glass shattered into pieces, I just can't fly my way out of here. The fragrance of the air tingles my spine, the dead trees brought my eyes amazement, the river was ju... wait a minute, I think I've been here before! The sensation the place brought my flesh reminded me of my old home.

As I explore the strangely familiar ruins, my eyes were caught by a striking pedestal. The structure is destroyed yet the crystals that held its power remained, it might be shattered but its essence sure is vivid. Alongside were more pedestals with labels such as envy, hatred, arrogance and so on.

I paused for a second for I felt my spirit weaken. The glacial plinth solidifies my heart and brings torture to my spirit. I continued walking towards the pedestal. Step by step, little by little, I feel my spirit decay but the power the pedestal has draws me nearer, it simply amuses my flesh that it ignores the agony of my soul.

My attention was caught by a small voice that whispered to my ear. The voice was sweet as cherry and is light as a feather, I guess the delight it brought me is what they call PEACE.

"My Son I love you, please don't" The voice whispered

My soul wanted to head back towards the voice but my flesh surpassed my spirit's craving.

THE PEDESTAL IS ALIVE! All of a sudden I felt its power flow through my veins. As I walk away from it, people seem to flee from me, all of them, it's as if I'm some kind of disease! At first it was painful to see the ones I love turn away but as I watch my bitterness burn and my heart turns to steel, all the anguish vanished. Goodness, I can barely feel anything my body is numb all over!

As I stay here wandering around the citadel, I'm not sure of what will happen. I'm uncertain of how many people will stay and will depart from my life but one thing's clear in my mind; The numbness of my body and soul hinders pain from penetrating in my system.

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