Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Morning Coffee with the Almighty.

"It was dawn, a perfect time to meet with my Love"

The skies were serene; engulfed thick darkness, the environment was tranquil and the breeze was cool and unruffled. He fixed himself a cup of coffee, went in his room and reflected on what he has been doing.

Frustrated and tired, he's done nothing but run run run. Running from fears, running from hurts running from every single thing that will cause him in pain. Fighting for nothing, craving for nothing, working for nothing and waiting for nothing, he was mystified and misled. All these time he could have gained something dear and significant yet chose to dwell on trivial things that of no eternal upshot.

Almighty one was singing. God was singing songs that this young man's heart seem to have forgotten. Singing songs of hope and love, songs that brought a smile on his face of poignant regrets. Though this boy never departed from the living vine, he never unlocked doors of conversations regarding his hurts. He kept them buried and sealed away from the shining light for he was afraid that God wouldn't spare attention to his affliction. The boy used all the strength he had not to fall apart but unfortunately he did.

It was God's hand that took him from the ground. It was God's love that wrapped him in a cocoon of peace, love that quenched his longing every passing moment and the same love that banished the taunting and concrete shadows of the past. As the conversation went on, the boy's eyes were flooding with tears. He was drowning in inexpressive joy because of the stirring and uplifting promises God vowed. The boy was sheltered under the wings of the almighty far from the reach of painful memoirs. They were soaring on the cool starry sky with hands held and his head near God's chest. It was a dawn of pure joy.

God brought him home and together they had a coffee. It was around 5:30 am and the sun is rising.
"Can I stay here forever?" The boy asked. God smiled and gave him a heartwarming embrace.

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