Thursday, January 22, 2009

I chose silence.

Every time I write a blog entry, I would have to find a quiet place where I can focus and work. The deafening silence enables me to concentrate on what my mind is attempting to utter. Silence allows me to choose my words with great precision, organize my random thoughts and discover my true being.

I found myself bewildered as I stumble upon a friendster page. The page was from a very familiar person, but it wasn't him who struck me, it was his shout out. "Silence is the virtue of fools" Yes! The immortal words of Sir Francis Bacon, though centuries old, found revival in these recent cultures. Most of my friends think that I am never silent. Those who matter the most to me know that most of the time, I am.For a person like me who admires silence, I asked myself why in certain situations do I choose to keep my mouth shut.

I maintain silence every time a pray to the Almighty. For me it's quite difficult to focus on Him and listen to His words if you're the only one who'll keep babbling. There are times when it would be best to remain silent and let Him do the talking.

Well, as I have mentioned in the introduction, I love to be silent when I'm writing a blog entry blah blah.

When I do lyrical hiphop and contemporary dances, I stay hushed for a couple of minutes internalizing the lyrics of the song. In doing this, I become good in evoking emotions, eliminating the uncessary moves and executing the vital ones.

WHEN I READ! Reading has been my way of venturing and escaping to another realm. For me, my imagination would be more effective in silence.

When I try to patch things up with a foe or fixing misunderstood situations. Of couse, the 'fixing' part would work out smashingly if one would choose to keep silent and listen. "It's quite true that the more one listens, the more one is listened to! In other words, people vastly appreciate someone who actually listens to what they say." -Owlwings

Lastly, I keep silent when I'm in an argument. I'd rather choose silence because sometimes it is plain useless to argue with foolish people. Answeing and explaining to these type of humans will do nothing but drag you down their pathetic level.

Obvious naman na disagree ako sa sinabi ni Bacon! Silence is never a virtue of fools! Wisdom comes down to knowing when to speak up and when to shup up.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all the doubt."
-Abraham Lincoln.

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lucas said...

interesting... i love silence, but the peaceful silence not the absolute one. nabibingi ako pag maxadong tahimik.

i like listening to music when i write. gets me in the mood. sometimes i turn melodies when i read too but making sure it suits what i'm reading..hehe!

God bless you.

I love that song :)