Thursday, June 14, 2012

It was beautiful dream. A dream the Gods knitted to reward those who indulge in the fantasies of love.

It was a dream of happiness, 

of what might have been, 

of wild roses on the mountainside;

of me burying my nose

into the daisies you plucked for me; 

of you looking tenderly at me 

as the fragrance filled my heart.

I dreamed of us throwing pebbles by the riverbank. Filaments of light filled the waters as it reflected the sun’s spectrum. We held hands, gave a wink and in a split second, plunged into the enticing waters. Laughter roared as the warm river caressed our skin.

I dreamed of us dressed in white; exchanging vows, standing by the shore, looking deep into each other’s eyes as frozen in time. I held you closer and pressed my lips against yours. I wrapped you in my arms, swept up in a whirlwind romance.

But it was just a dream

The audible sound of a heart that shattered into pieces was so vivid that it echoed all over the room. The sheets were wet with tears. The silence was deafening. The pain was unbearable. I kept my eyes closed, struggling to journey back into deep slumber. 

But all hope was lost

I gathered enough strength to face the day's crucible. 

Towards the window I went. I saw the sun’s glow in the horizon; the spectrum it threw at the great divide. I believe the hour of my dreams had ended in the nostalgic twilight; and I closed my eyes as I sighed “I still love you.” 


Anonymous said...

dreams are to good to be true! :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

agree ako kay T.R Aurelius...


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Shivam said...

I hope your all dream will be true I like your articles and your images and your good things is that you love nature.
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