Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I wonder how you are, I wonder if you're still the same... If you're still the same boy that I used to know.

I could still vividly remember our last kiss, remember how I was watching you walk up that bus till you're gone, even watched the bus leave thinking that that was the love of my life saying goodbye. I could still remember our little fights that turn into endless cuddling coz well, you were a capricorn, you're bipolar and your mood swings always gets in my nerve (but it's fine, i loved every bit of you)

I've been dreaming about how it's gonna be like the next time I see you, the next time we hug and kiss each other; fantasizing about the days we used to have. Remember when you'd just go to my place and watch movies and then sleep, and then watch some more movies, eat and then sleep again? I couldn't ask for more. I was complete. I was contented just having you there.

I miss you, like crazy. I know we live two separate lives now and it sucks. I know I can't make you go here but if I could I would. I understand completely why you wouldn't, I understand why you're mad. I get it and I'm sorry. I wish you'd get my side of the story, I wish you could understand why I'm here. I still talk about you, a lot... to everyone. Sometimes I still cry when I hear sad songs, sometimes I can't help but feel lonely whenever I see couples around. I tried turning all my love to anger, I tried ignoring and forgetting everyone but all of it didn't work.

I love you like I have from the start and I probably will like I do now. I hope everything is turning out the way you always expected them to be; that you get everything you deserve.

I hope he takes good care of you. I hope he'll put up with all your mood swings and find your craziness cute.

yesterday's supposed to be our first year, october 1st.

october 1 2012
we were having breakfast at silya when the waiter came up to me and said "sir, the guy from the other table is asking if you're single" I was about to answer him when you stood up and told him "he's not single, i'm his boyfriend". my jaw dropped in shock as I watch you utter those words. you looked at our friend in tears and confessed to him your love for me. I was the happiest person that day.