Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I started blogging back in 2007. I was a scrawny, bespectacled 15 year old, college freshman who just wanted to hone his writing prowess.

like OH MY GOD I looked so disgusting, it's as if I dont have money to buy food haha

A lot has changed during the course of nine years. Before, I used to tackle issues ranging from the most hated professor in college up to the university budget.

Everyone in the academe had something to say about the policies that run the country. Stupid me tried fitting in haha and man, I did not enjoy one bit.

still looking gross haha

As I continued to grow in writing I realized that journalism is not my strength. I mean, I'm an okay feature, news and editorial writer but I knew I'm something else.

I tried reading more novels. My bookshelf was filled with Sidney Sheldons, Dan Browns, Paolo Coehlos and Nicholas Sparks. I fell in love with their styles, choices of words that tug ones heart strings.

I remember writing my first prose, or wait, was it a poem? i cant remember but what im certain is it wasn't anything journalistic. it wasn't good but people loved it so I kept going.

it was tough at first but eventually i got the hang of communicating my feelings and even effectively creating characters and picturing scenarios through words.

this blog has witnessed my first and last heartbreak with a girl haha and then with hmm three guys i think? by the time i came out of the closet haha

i honestly dont know where I'm going with this haha it's just nice to look back.

this me now and no, the guy on the photo is not a significant other, my friends just said i look good on the picture so i chose it.

i think it's fair to say that puberty and i got along pretty well.

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ang cute ni Elay :)
lalo na dun sa b&w. hahaha
bagets na bagets!

anyways, i'm glad to read an entry with a different mood compared to the sad ones. hehe

TC said...

"Puberty and I got along" what a great sentence!