Monday, April 4, 2016

He said sorry too often.
He apologized for apologizing too much.
He said sorry like it was a greeting.
He apologized for everything that goes wrong
Because he labelled himself as a disaster.
He was sorry for not being good enough
Because no one ever told him he was good enough.
No one ever told him that he was something more than the mess inside his head and the tsunami in his heart.
So all he learned was to apologize for every single breath he took.

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TC said...

Elay, I'm so happy you are putting in more blog entries now. You are writing very well and it's the adversity you're experiencing which is enhancing your creativity. Just wanted to suggest that you don't let 3 weeks or 3 months pass before putting in another blog entry. I try not to let more than a week__ever__pass by before I put in my next entry.