Saturday, April 16, 2016

it was a long thirty minute shower. 

Memories flood his already exhausted mind as water trickled from scalp to toe.

"you dont know whats on my mind, you dont know what it's like to leave the person you love." An audible voice whispered in his head.

"well I dont." he murmured. "i dont because i never leave the people i love."

it was a fragment of an extremely destructive memory that seemed to have crawled its way from the abyss where he burried it, up to the surface.

he started to feel the scars

the hurt

he thought about which doors to close and which bridges to burn

because he knew that everybody out there is just going to hurt him

leave him

make false promises

he felt incapable of loving

incapable of trying

and before he twisted the knob to seize the cold water from flowing, the last words the came out of his mouth were: 

"dont wish me happiness because I am not happy. I hope you can see what you have done to me, what you have done to the person you love. I hope you're happy."

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hana said...

makes me wonder, how does it feel, to leave the person you love.